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Updated: April 1, 2020 1510 MDT

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This page is to show COVID 19 progression in ways I have not found elsewhere on the web.

The graphs below shows number of deaths of the US and Italy. The US is offset from Italy by the number of days shown in the graph. This allows a possible glimpse into the future of where the US will be by that offset.

The data comes from Johns Hopkins (more on that below)

Exponential line changed from 1.35 to 1.33 which seems to be where the US is.

Here is the graph:

NY is the US version of Italy. All state graphs will show NY

Here is Colorado:







(for Dominique)

The Johns Hopkins data is an csv file that can be brought into excel. There is also sql capability.  Unfortunately their field format changes frequently so one has to look at the data today to see if it is in the same format as yesterday in order to chart.

I have chosen to plot total deaths as that number is much more reliable for comparison of countries than "confirm positives". In my stupid state of Colorado, there is for all intents and purposes no testing at all. A number of the positive results that are posted on the Colorado government website are classified positive based on symptoms only, and they do not break out how many are from the Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction test or from symptoms. Deaths, while not 100% accurate should be a more reliable indicator. As the deaths climb, so does the demand on the health care infrastructure.

The Johns Hopkins death data is here (at least as of March 25):

Johns Hopkins csv file for deaths

You can go up a few directories here:

JH Top Directory

and work your way through other data and other visualizations.

Another site I use, which is updated between midnight and 2am London time is here:

Hundley Lag Charts

The Financial Times Chart

Neat graphs out of Univeristy of Washington showing peaks by state, and I think updated either real time or daily

University of Washington Modeling

I will add more as I find good ones, and try and update the above chart daily.