Stephan's Quintet taken on November 25, 2022 on my driveway

Camera: Canon 90D
Lens - Williams Optics Red Cat 51
Focal Length - 250mm full frame
Aperture 4.9
Iso 800
Stacked Exposures: 60
Individual Exposure: 1 min
Total Stacked Exposure Time: 1 hour
Stacking Software: Affinity
Post Processing Affinity
Coldest Temperature -6C or 21 degrees F

It was a relatively warm night. I was inspired to try and capture this by some Webb Telescope tweets and to keep learning how to use my gear and somewhat quickly find Stephan's Quintet.

I started with my first focus picture at 6:51pm and finally started the actual pictures for stacking at 8:49 pm. This is a little long, an hour to focus and locate.  It is harder on the fixed focal length Red Cat than the Canon 70 to 200 mm lens.

Here is the full field view, with the resolution cut down from 6984 by 4660 to 1800 by 1201 and compressed for the web:

Now cropping down so that the Quintet as well as the galaxy seen in the upper center right:

The galaxy is identified as Caldwell 30.  The Quintet is starting to appear below the galaxy. I cropped the original image and then saved as a jpg as 1800 x 1201 pixels, so better resolution on the web than the first picture.

Finally, cropping some more:

This last image was not reduced in size. The resolution the same as the full image. There is some loss as this is a jpeg not a tiff.  I think for a rookie at Affinity, this is not too bad!!

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