Mint Brussels

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During December, Pepperage Farm markets a variation on their Brussel cookies, known as Mint Brussels. Marina and I have wanted these to be available any time of the year, so I went searching. I found the recipe above, and have only slightly altered it. I did not make any altitude adjustments.
One major change is in how it is baked. Sue (the author) recommends a silicon mat. I used parchment paper and I think works better. I also use two cookie sheets so one is cooling while the other is baking.

Ingredients for the dough

Chocolate Filling


Preheat oven to 375º F
Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper
Put the dry ingredients into your stand mixer (I use an old mix-master for this instead of the Kitchen-Aid with paddle as more air will be put into the final dough), and mix for 15 seconds
In a separate bowl mix the cream, corn syrup and vanilla then add to the mixer. Finally while the mixer is running add the butter.
Once the dough has come together start putting dough balls of a bit over ¼tsp in volume onto the sheet. I do 20 at a time. Bake for around 9 minutes, until the cookies are flat and have small holes. The cookies are very fragile, so as I take the sheet out of the oven, I slide the parchement paper off the sheet onto the counter and let them cool. You can also then slide the cookies off of the paper after first removing from the cookie sheet and onto a rack.  Then layout another 20 balls onto the 2nd cookie sheet and bake. When it comes time for the third sheet, reuse the parchment paper from batch 1 and use the first cookie sheet.

Filling and Assembly

In a small sauce pan on low heat, first put in the mint extract and a few seconds later the morsels. Keep stirring over the heat until the mixture is smooth.
Layout a silicon mat or more parchment paper. Start sorting the cookies by size (remember they are fragile at this point, the filling once on and refrigerated will make them less so).
Pair the cookies by size and put a small amount of chocolate mint filling on the bottom of one cookie then put the other cookie on top and gentle move the cookies to spread the filling. The cookies will be put bottom to bottom.
After assembly put on a dinner plate, wrap with cling wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes. After that they can be at room temp for eating.

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