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This is my growing collection of areas I look at for weather: past, present, and potential future

These pages give a quick overview with links to dig deeper.
NOAA Boulder Watches and Warnings
NOAA point forecast Ruby Ranch

Snotel stations are all around the western states. The Summit Ranch is the closest to Ruby Ranch and is more or less at the same altitude. The plot which is generated is useful to see where the current winter snow pack is relative to past years.
Snotel Summit Ranch

Carl Oppedahl has a weather station at his house in Ruby, and hooks into Wunderground to report the data.
Carls Wunderground Page

Opensnow (winter) and Opensummit (summer)
These are free but if you pay for a subscription, it is worth it. It also has android and ios apps

Smoke forecast
With wildfire seasons hitting all year this is a good product from NOAA (also on opensummit)

Precip outlook University of Utah
The runs from the University of Utah show ensembles of models and can have wide variation in the amount of precip. However, the timings of precipitation are fairly uniform across the models, and are good to use for planning purposes. What is shown on this page is precip, not snow, for Vail Pass. Vail Pass will be good for any storm that is not an upslope storm for Summit County, Colorado. Clicking on the link here:
Univerity of Utah NAEFS Downscaled plume for Vail Pass
will allow you to look at other locations that they make these runs for. Subtract 7 (standard) or 6 (daylight) hours to get to Mountain time zone (basically one division on this graph which is 6 hours, i.e. move the labels in your mind one division to the right). Unfortunately for me, I can't get the raw data to generate the plots with Mountain timescale. This particular graph updates once every 12 hours

More on Vail and Tunnel for the long term NAEFS here
Short term forecast (SREF) (3.5 days vs 7 for NAEFS) here

Run Number: 2023112900 for Vail Pass

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