Finland – Day 11 continued

On arrival in Helsinki, we were collected  from the ferry by a private van tour which took us to our hotel to drop off luggage.   We stayed at Hotel Haven which was a good choice.  Nice bed, good breakfasts, and right next to the harbor for walking around opportunities.  The van tour drove us around … Read more

Sweden – Day 9 Sandham Island

For Day 9, Torsten drove us out of Stockholm to Stavsnäs where there is a fast ferry to Sandham Island, a summer vacation spot. In the map, you can see Stockholm on the left.  The blue flags show locations where pictures were taken from Stavsnäs harbor to Sandham Island and during our walk there.  Yellow … Read more

Sweden – Day 7 in Stockholm

Days 7 and 8 were spent in Stockholm.  We didn’t get to some of the places we wanted to see, so maybe next time.  We visited the City Hall (rebuilt fairly recently after a fire, but with an older feel).  Didn’t go inside because everything need a tour and tickets were sold out for several … Read more

Sweden – Day 6

Day 6 and we are heading back towards Stockholm.  Not many pictures today, since it was raining a lot.  We drove through Västerås, a town that looks a lot like it might have inspired a Game of Thrones name.   The cathedral here is quite impressive, and Torsten says that an early bishop was related to … Read more

Sweden – Day 5

Day 5 of our Sweden trip found us waking up at Torsten’s Lake house.   There is a separate guest house (no plumbing but a very nice bed) where Don and Marina slept.  From there, we drove north to Leksand.  It was sort of rainy and gray, but we visited a museum where buildings from different … Read more

Sweden Day 3 – Glass and Trolls

Leaving Kalmar in the morning, we traveled to the Kosta Böda/Orrefors factory.  We saw glass blowing being done, and an exhibit of musical instruments made of glass. We then went to the Trollskogen in Gamleby. It was raining, but that is rather perfect troll weather. We ended the day at our hotel in Uppsala where … Read more