Galapagos Day 8 – Part 1

Santa Fe Island

We started our day with a pre-breakfast walk on Santa Fe Island (wet landing).  Others went kayaking. 

The special highlight of this island is the yellow iguana.  This is a separate species from the land iguanas found on other islands, and it is generally paler in color with a long more tapered snout. 

Yellow Iguana

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There were also sea lions everywhere.  On the beach, on the rocks and even on the paths through the bushes.  Some are accompanied by their guardian lizard.

In a “where’s Waldo” moment, can you find three sea lions in this picture?

There are three sea lions in this picture.

We also saw birds, including finches, and a cool shot of a mockingbird.

And finally, Don got this picture of what I think is a Galapagos carpenter bee, the only bee native to the Galapagos.

Galapagos Carpenter Bee?

After breakfast, we were able to go out on the glass-bottom boat.  This went along the edge of the rocks letting us get pictures of sea lions and fish in the water.

Sea Lions from the Glass Bottom Boat

It turned out that the best way to get underwater pictures was to put the iPhone right on the glass and take burst shots when something came into view.  Don’s photo has some white balance adjustments done in post-processing.  Marina’s less so.

Fish from the Glass Bottom Boat (white balance adjust)
Fish from the Glass Bottom Boat

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