Sweden – Day 2

Don and I began our day with an early walk around the city center outside our hotel in Kalmar

Cathedral on the square

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.   The Kalmar Stadshotell is on a central square that is also home to the cathedral.

We then met Parker and Rhianna for a great breakfast buffet (breads and cold cuts, yum) before heading over the bridge to Oland Island to meet my second cousin Inger at Solliden Palace. Here we walked in the garden though since the King was in residence we were not allowed in the Palace itself.  Very pretty flowers.  We then walked to the old castle ruin next door, Borgholm Castle.  It was first built in the 13 century, but now has exhibits and the central courtyard is a concert venue.

At Solliden

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We ended the day with a visit to Inger’s home where we met her husband Gosta for a lovely dinner celebrating both Inger and Parker’s birthdays.   We also visited Gosta’s Stone and Fossil Museum.  Very cool.  

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